What's new in WebEditor2009

In response to inquiries from our customers, the following new features have been integrated:
  • Configurable Toolbar

    The toolbar concept has been thoroughly revised. You can now choose freely between a single or double row toolbar display and decide which buttons are to be included.

    You configure the toolbar via parameters in file navbar.ini that you will find in your WebEditor 2009 installation directory.

    You will find further details and examples regarding the configuration here.

  • Breadcrumb Navigation

    The term "Breadcrumb Navigation" was coined in analogy with the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel. The two children scatter breadcrumbs on the path to find their way back. Breadcrumb Navigation indicates the path to the current element within highly complex element trees. Whenever you click to access a processed HTML document, WebEditor 2009 will determine the Breadcrumb Navigation anew and display it below the editor window.

    In the following example, the user clicked on a text section ( ) in the document being edited that itself lay within a table cell (TD). Each individual menu item of the breadcrumb path can be clicked on and this action will then select the respective element.

    A click on TABLE in this example would select the entire HTML table in which the section element lies.   

    Breadcrumb: > P > TD > TR > TBODY > TABLE [classes: tabletxt] > BODY > HTML

    Simultaneously, details displayed in square brackets indicate which style classes are already assigned to the table. You can now assign new style classes to the table via the style selection box in the toolbar or remove classes from it.

  • Style Dialog

    WebEditor2009 determines automatically which style classes are available for the currently loaded element and shows them in a selection box within the toolbar.

    You will find further details on the assignment of style classes here.

  • PHP Online Editor

    WebEditor2009 replaces PHP segments within an HTML file by a green pin symbol. A click on this pin will allow the user to work on the source code of the PHP segment.

    You will find further details on this option here.

  • "Treat_as_text" Option

    WebEditor2009 allows you to determine that certain file types, such as PHP files, should only be opened in text mode. You configure this option via parameters in the navbar.ini file that you will find in your WebEditor2009 installation directory.

    You will find further details and examples regarding the configuration here.

  • Unformat

    Using the eraser symbol you can remove formatting from a selected piece of text.

  • New Upload Dialog

    WebEditor2009 now supports simultaneous uploading of several files.